Camp Olympics and Weekly Awards Ceremony

Some of the most exciting and rewarding activities at the Summer Adventure Camp are the Weekly Awards Ceremony and the Camp Olympic Games. On Friday afternoon the entire camp meets on the Sport Court and campers are recognized for their outstanding contributions to the camp community. Every child receives an award at some point during the summer. Awards such as “The Best Friend Award”, “The Helping Hands Award”, and the “Always Smiling Award” have been given out in the past. The Awards are our way of building confidence in each camper and giving them something to celebrate during their time at camp.

For the Olympic Games, teams are created the first week of camp, integrating children from all camp groups into 4 different teams. The Olympics are a big part of the team building experience at camp. This is their opportunity to work with children of different ages and groups. Every week, each team will earn points and on the last week of camp we tally up all the points, and crown a champion. Olympic Games may include, scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, trivia, team building games and tons more! We also integrate activities that children learn during our weekly games on the Sports Court. The Olympic Games are a tradition at camp and our campers look forward to participating every week.